Top Myths and Facts about Acne Top Myths and Facts about Acne

Breakouts are normal! However breakouts that are persistent and last a while may be a sign of bigger skin troubles. Acne is a persistent skin problem, yet it is treatable with the right skin regime, healthy lifestyle and beauty salon treatments. We list some of the top myths and facts about acne to help you take better care of your skin: 

Myth: Acne is caused by Oily foods 

Often we hear from our grandmothers to quit oily foods like samosas, chocolate, pizza and more. Oily foods are labeled as bad and blamed solely for acne breakouts.

 Although it may be hard to believe, oily foods do not cause acne. There is not a scientific link between oily foods and breakouts. However a healthy diet is better for the health of your body.

Fact: Acne may be caused by food high in Glycemic Index

There are certain foods which are scientifically linked to acne and breakouts. These are foods which rate very highly in the glycemic index. These are foods rich in starch and artificial sugar such as sugary drinks and processed foods.

As per research, dairy also causes acne. Cows that supply milk may be treated with artificial hormones. When consumed, this can wreck havoc on the hormonal balance in your body and cause acne. 

Myth: Only oily skin can get acne

It is a myth that only oily skin can have acne. Oily skin is likely to produce more sebum and look excessively greasy throughout the day. Sebum also logs the pores leading to breakouts. 

However breakouts are easily avoided with a good cleansing ritual and regular use of moisturizer. A regular visit to the best beauty salon in Karachi for deep cleansing will also unclog pores and keep skin radiant. 

Fact: Acne can happen to anyone at any age

Acne is normally caused by clogged hair follicles, bacteria or hormonal changes in the body. A poor diet that is high in glycemic index or high in artificial hormones also leads to bad acne breakouts. These are conditions which affect anyone at any age if individuals are not careful with their health.

Acne also affects women who are experiencing menopause, pregnancy or individuals taking medications. Hence it is a fact that people with clear skin can also get acne if their lifestyle or hormonal balance changes.

Myth: Blood purifying syrups can clear acne

Acne is caused by hormonal changes in the body. Blood purifiers do not balance the hormonal changes in the body nor do they clear any acne. 

Some blood purifiers are also banned as they are known to contain alarming levels of arsenic and mercury. This makes their use harmful for your body. Always remember to check the legitimacy of the company before consuming their products.

Fact: Stress can worsen acne

Although it is not directly a cause of acne on clear skin, stress does cause acne breakout to worsen on the skin that already has acne. Excessive stress leads to more production of cortisol in your body which signals skin to produce more oil. 

When skin is already affected by acne, this will flare up the acne further, making it worse. Walking briskly for 20 to 30 minutes a day will boost your level of endorphins. This will help to reduce stress hormones greatly and improve skin.

Final Thoughts

Skin that is prone to acne asks for extra care which starts by changing your lifestyle. Your skin is likely to benefit from regular exercise and a balanced diet. A nutritious diet rich with vitamins and natural foods will give your skin the nutrients it needs. 

Good skincare habits also benefit the skin greatly and keep the risk of breakouts at bay. Regular visits to a beauty salon for skin clarifying treatments helps to remove buildup of makeup. Makeup that is made from harsh chemicals or oily ingredients can clings to skin and block pores. 

This is likely to aggravate skin. A deep cleansing treatment from a trusted beauty salon will give maximum benefit and clarify your skin. Zara’s Salon, a trusted name in the beauty industry is one of the best beauty salon in Karachi offering exclusive clarifying facials.

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