Skin care in Ramadan Skin care in Ramadan

As Ramadan, the holy month of fasting approaches, those with an already poor skincare routine will witness drastic changes in their skin. Uneven skin tone, dehydration, dryness and sallow complexion are only the tip of the iceberg in Ramadan. Dehydrated skin is likely to show signs of wrinkles, fine lines and aging too. Here are some tips for skincare in Ramadan as recommended by beauty salon ZARA’S SALON to maintain fresh skin throughout the holy month. Read on to learn more!

Eat Fresh Fruit and Vegetable 

There is no doubt that fresh fruits and vegetable are good for your health. They also benefit the condition of your skin greatly, adding a youthful glow to it. A lack of fresh greens and vitamin rich fruit may lead to skin problems like pigmentation and dullness.

In fact your skin is the first to suffer the consequences of a poor diet. This is because of deficiency of good vitamins in your diet. Hence it is essential to eat as much fresh vegetables and fruit for your skincare in Ramadan. 

A minimum intake of 5 portions of vitamin rich vegetables and fruits gives smoother feeling skin. The appearance of dark and dull skin patches will improve too within weeks.

To maintain this glow, be sure to visit your beauty salon for deep cleansing facials. Guinot vitamin c facial at the ZARA’S SALON, a popular beauty salon in Karachi gives even better results when paired with a nutrition rich diet.

Vitamin Rich Facials

This year Ramadan is falling in summer meaning your skin will feel extra parched. Moisture in your body is likely to deplete throughout the day as you sweat. This results in skin that looks loose and dry with visible wrinkles. Your skin needs a little extra care to balance out the hydration it needs. Deep moisturizing facials for skincare in Ramadan give great results.

Facials rich with vitamin C and AHA nourish the skin, tighten dry sagging skin and make it look plump. The Re-power facial and the Guinot vitamin C facial at ZARA’S SALON, a highly recommended beauty salon in Karachi, super hydrates the skin from within.

 These are especially good to bring out a natural inner glow minus the visible fine lines. Be sure to frequent the beauty salon at least twice for best results this Ramadan.

Use Hair & Skincare Supplements

Have you ever wondered how celebrities are able to maintain glowing radiant skin? ZARA’S SALON, a go to beauty salon in Karachi amongst the celebrities has seen more than its fair share of what celebs carry in their purse.

 Items that frequently pop up are off the counter hair and skin supplements. Vitamins like folic acid and biotin are off the counter supplements that are popular for skincare. They give the skin a healthy glow, and reduce the signs of aging.

These also make the skin seem plumper with the appearance of an even toned skin. However it is important to refer your doctor before adding these supplements to your routine for skincare in Ramadan.

Final Thoughts

Healthy and glowing skin is achievable in Ramadan, just make sure to add these skincare tips to your routine. Let’s not neglect our skin this Ramadan and give it the best care that it deserves. ZARA’S SALON, a beauty salon in Karachi that truly delivers the best skin care in Ramadan brings exclusive Ramadan packages to unlock the freshest skin you ever had.

We are offering Halal friendly Ramadan skincare services that deeply moisturize skin and leave it looking plumpness and refreshed. From hydrating facials to brightening masks, we have it all. Beat the sallow Ramadan skin and book your visit at ZARA’S SALON, the beauty salon for our Ramadan packages today.

For skincare packages, book with us at: at 021-35360005 or 02134932029.

For healthy skin in Ramadan inspiration, visit our Instagram: @zarassalonofficial

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